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The Falmouth Area Coastal Community Team

Falmouth, located in a beautiful setting on Cornwall’s southern coast, features in the popular imagination as a classic sailing-ship port, for despite its growth at its heart it retains its essential 18th and 19th century sea-port character. Its variety of buildings, opes and alleyways, glimpsed views of the sea, the small harbour and busy quays, provides a human-scale and visual interest that is cherished by local residents and is also a key part of the ‘offer’ of Falmouth as a tourism destination and centre for maritime recreation. The presence of two state-of-the-art Universities and a working Docks provide a strong economic core.

Falmouth has a unique mix of strengths and weakness: There are immense opportunities for prosperity through tourism growth, Dock development, higher education expansion, and new maritime and knowledge-based industry, yet there are environmental, economic deprivation and infrastructure issues that threaten the town’s future prosperity.

The Falmouth Area Coastal Community Team (FACCT) aims to tackle these issues and ensure future prosperity through a strategy which uses the town’s key assets to position Falmouth as a unique and sustainable place to live, work, visit and learn in. FACCT has produced an Economic Plan to guide this work. The Economic Plan is a‘work in progress’ and will be continuously updated.  The Economic Plan will also integrate with the emerging Falmouth Neighbourhood Plan.

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